SYR Prepares for Winter Break Travelers

Syracuse International Airport is preparing for increased passenger volume
as local schools break for mid-winter recess. Anticipated increase in passenger volume departure days include February 16 – 19, 2018.

Airline and airport officials encourage passengers to arrive early, at least 2 hours prior to
scheduled departure time.

In addition to increased volume, passengers will need to allow extra time due to construction
inside the terminal. The center of the terminal is closed off to passengers as work continues on
the Terminal Improvement Project.

Passengers needing to obtain a boarding pass or to check luggage should make sure to enter the
terminal according to their airline location.

If passengers have a boarding pass and will not be checking luggage, they can enter at either end
of the terminal and proceed directly to the B (Bridge) from the parking garage. They will take the
passenger bridge directly to the security checkpoint.