Ground Transportation

Taxi Service

Taxi pickup and drop-off locations are located on both ends of the terminal, just outside the baggage claim areas.

If you are a ground transportation provider and would like apply for a permit to provide ground transportation at the airport, please click here for additional information


Lyft and Uber are now available at SYR!

Rideshare pickup area

App-based ridesharing pickups are located in the overflow parking lot outside of the Terminal B baggage claim. Follow signs inside and outside the terminal. You will need to cross the roadway outside of the Terminal B baggage claim (please use crosswalks). The Rideshare Pickup area is clearly marked, and is located at the eastern-most end of the overflow lot. *Please be advised that this is the only location on airport property where rideshare pickups may occur.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of the rideshare pickup location.

Rideshare Pickup Area Map