SYR Media Guide

The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) Communications team is here to help you cover your story about Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR).


Professional news organizations wishing to submit a media inquiry to the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) must do so via email:

**Note: Students submitting media inquiries should follow the instructions provided under “Student Media Requests” below.

When possible, Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) staff will make every attempt to respond within one business day to professional media inquiries made Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Inquiries made outside of the above days should be reserved for airport emergencies only. For additional information on what constitutes an airport emergency, please see “Airport Emergencies” below.

While at the Airport

Consistent with the Department of Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” initiative, media filming stories at SYR are requested to contact the SRAA prior to arrival. Please notify the SRAA via email at

Please display media credentials at all times while covering stories on airport property.

Please receive consent from airport employees before taking their photo.

Please be advised that law enforcement and SRAA personnel have the authority to stop any unapproved filming or photography at any time.

Airport Emergencies

If an emergency situation occurs at SYR, the SRAA will experience a high volume of media inquiries. To ensure you are receiving the most accurate information, please do the following:

Please be advised that during emergencies, media calls will be returned as staffing permits.

The following items are not considered after-hours emergencies:

  • Requests to film at the airport
  • Requests for interviews
  • Flight status information requests
  • Routine airport radio traffic
  • Medical call reports
  • Reports of aircraft flying in unusual or low patterns

Airport Jurisdictions

There are many different agencies working within the airport. Certain airport operations fall under the jurisdiction of those different agencies. The media are requested to contact the public affairs department of those agencies for interviews and information.

  • Aircraft Operations/Air Traffic Control
    • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for all air traffic control. The FAA Public Affairs contact information can be found here.
  • Aircraft/Airline Issues
    • Individual airlines are responsible for issues relating to that particular airline, including: labor issues, on-time performance, flight schedules, baggage issues, etc. Please direct inquiries relating to individual airlines to the airline’s public affairs office.
  • Airport Security
    • It is the policy of the SRAA to limit the information made public regarding security procedures used by airport and federal personnel pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Airport security procedures are established with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and implemented by airport and federal personnel. For more information, please contact TSA Public Affairs here.


Media vehicles are expected to park in the south vendor lot. Please do not park curbside at the terminal. Unattended vehicles left curbside at the terminal will be ticketed, and may be ultimately towed. Be sure to prominently display media affiliation on your vehicle.

Commercial Filming/Photography

If you are interested in filming or photographing at the airport for commercial purposes, you must receive prior permission from the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority. All requests should be directed to

Student Media Requests

All students seeking an interview or to film at the airport are required to complete the below form. Once the form has been submitted, someone from the airport will respond within 24 hours (during regular business hours). Students should not call the phone numbers provided above for commercial media.

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