Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)


TSA began testing state-of-the-art Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) in 2007 and began deploying units to airports in 2008. This technology can detect a wide range of threats to transportation security in a matter of seconds to protect passengers and crews. Imaging technology is an integral part of TSA’s effort to continually look for new technologies that help ensure travel remains safe and secure by staying ahead of evolving threats.” *click here to read more from

Tell Me About the AIT:

  • The arrival of the AIT has decreased the amount of wait time in the TSA checkpoint and given passengers an alternate screening option.
  • Being screened using the AIT is optional and those who wish to opt out will receive alternate screening at the checkpoint, including a thorough pat-down.
  • Those who might be the most interested in using the AIT are passengers with joint replacements or other medical devices that would regularly alarm a walk through metal detector as they will not alarm the AIT.
  • AIT scanners are safe for all passengers and the technology meets national health and safety standards. The energy emitted by millimeter wave technology is 1000 times less than the international limits and guidelines.
  • AIT scanners use millimeter wave technology to detect metallic and nonmetallic threats concealed under clothing to help TSA keep travelers safe.