SYR Announces Uber to Begin Operating at Airport

Syracuse International Airport officials announced today that they have signed an agreement allowing Uber to start providing transportation services for passengers.

Under the agreement, Uber will pay a flat fee to the airport of $60,000 for one-year, with a $2,500 activation fee. Uber driver-partners will now both “Drop off” and “Pick up” airport patrons at a designated area.

“We are excited to welcome all ridesharing services to the airport and offer our passengers additional ground transportation options, making the arrival and departure process as seamless as possible,” said Christina Callahan, Executive Director.

“We thank the Syracuse Airport for working with us to reach an agreement that allows Uber to provide residents and visitors access to affordable, reliable transportation as they travel to and from the airport,” says Sarfraz Maredia, General Manager for Uber NY. “We are proud that with the touch of a button, riders throughout upstate New York can now get a convenient and affordable ride through the Uber app.”