Ample parking space and well maintained facilities welcome the traveler at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. A parking garage and an open lot offer a combined total of nearly 4,000 parking spaces for your convenience.


Up to 1 Hour$5.00
1-3 Hours$7.00
3-6 Hours$9.00
6-24 Hours$14.00
2 Days$28.00
3 Days$42.00
4 Days$56.00
5 Days$70.00
Each Additional Day$14.00


Up to 1 Hour$4.00
1-3 Hours$6.00
3-6 Hours$8.00
6-24 Hours$12.00
2 Days$24.00
3 Days$36.00
4 Days$48.00
5 Days$60.00
Each Additional Day$12.00

Monthly Parking
$225 (with 6 month contract)

Note: Monthly parking permits will be available on a first come/first serve basis and will have use of the parking garage or open lot only when available.

Parking Office Phone: 315-454-5690
Parking Office Email:

It’s easy to find a parking space—Large, illuminated signs at the entrances to the garage show which levels have open parking spaces and which levels are full.

Short-Term / Long-Term—The garage and open lot are available for both short- and long-term parking.

Cash, Credit, Pay & Go, and ParkSYR Lanes—To speed you on your way after your trip, there are specific exit lanes for cash, credit, Pay & Go, and ParkSYR. These lanes are clearly marked with signs above each lane.

SYRiously® Fast Express Parking Program

Sign up for the SYRiously® Fast Express Parking Program.

Formerly known as ParkSYR, the SYRiously® Fast Express Parking Program gives members automatic entry/exit to the airport parking garage and open lot. When enrolling for the program, members can choose to register their existing E-ZPass® device or request a SYRiously® Fast Express Parking Program Window Sticker. Once enrolled, members can automatically pass-through designated entrance and exit lanes. Click here to sign up.

For additional information or questions regarding the program, please contact the SYRiously® Fast Express Parking Program Customer Service team at 877-735-9280 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm EDT/EST), or send an email to