Ample parking space and well maintained facilities welcome the traveler at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. A parking garage and an open lot offer a combined total of nearly 4,000 parking spaces for your convenience.


Up to 1 Hour$5.00
1-3 Hours$7.00
3-6 Hours$9.00
6-24 Hours$14.00
2 Days$28.00
3 Days$42.00
4 Days$56.00
5 Days$70.00
Each Additional Day$14.00


Up to 1 Hour$4.00
1-3 Hours$6.00
3-6 Hours$8.00
6-24 Hours$12.00
2 Days$24.00
3 Days$36.00
4 Days$48.00
5 Days$60.00
Each Additional Day$12.00

Monthly Parking
$225 (with 6 month contract)

Note: Monthly parking permits will be available on a first come/first serve basis and will have use of the parking garage or open lot only when available.

Parking Office Phone: 315-454-5690
Parking Office Email:

It’s easy to find a parking space—Large, illuminated signs at the entrances to the garage show which levels have open parking spaces and which levels are full.

Short-Term / Long-Term—The garage and open lot are available for both short- and long-term parking.

Cash, Credit, Pay & Go, and ParkSYR Lanes—To speed you on your way after your trip, there are specific exit lanes for cash, credit, Pay & Go, and ParkSYR. These lanes are clearly marked with signs above each lane.

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Sign up for ParkSYR.

The ParkSYR program, like the E-ZPass system, gives members automatic entry/exit to the airport parking garage and open lot. When enrolling for the program, members can either choose to register their existing E-ZPass device or the airport will mail participants a ParkSYR device. Once enrolled, members will be able to automatically pass through designated entrance and exit lanes. ParkSYR members will also earn rewards points redeemable for terminal food and merchandise concessions. Click here to sign up.

For additional information or questions regarding the program, please contact the Administration Office at 877-735-9280 (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm EDT/EST), or send an email to: