Blended Lanes Help Expand TSA Pre Check Benefits at SYR

Syracuse, New York –The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) today announced that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded Pre Check benefits at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR). Through the use of “Blended Lanes,” Pre Check passengers will still be able to receive Pre Check benefits when the dedicated Pre Check lane is closed.

Already a success at larger airports, Blended Lanes are now being used at SYR when TSA Pre Check passenger volume is too low for a dedicated Pre Check lane.

Those enrolled in the TSA Pre Check program enjoy benefits such as:

  • Compliant 3-1-1 liquids/gels/aerosols and laptops remain in the carry-on bag
  • Shoes, belts, and light outer jackets stay on
  • When dictated by passenger volume, dedicated TSA Pre Check queues

SYR Executive Director Jason Terreri explains that it all boils down to creating a better customer experience. “With the introduction of Blended Lanes at SYR, our TSA Pre Check travelers are now able to enjoy those benefits from the very beginning of their journey.”

TSA Pre Check enrollment takes about five minutes online at, then another 10-15 minutes for the scheduled in-person appointment. On average, new TSA Pre Check enrollees receive their Known Traveler Number in two weeks.

Please visit SYR Nonstop Destinations for a complete list of nonstop destinations available from Syracuse Hancock International Airport.