Airport Urges Passengers to Arrive Early

Officials at Syracuse Hancock International Airport are urging passengers to allow plenty of time to arrive at the airport for flights scheduled in the next few days.

Airlines recommend passengers arrive at the airport 90-120 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time under normal circumstances.

The airport would like to recommend that due to the wintery road conditions in Syracuse passengers should plan to arrive at the airport and begin their check-in process at least 120 minutes prior to their scheduled departure times for the next few days.

In addition to the local wintery conditions, there will also be increased volume due the major winter storm that has caused thousands of cancellations nationwide. The airlines are working hard to resume their operations and rebook passengers that had their flights cancelled over the past couple of days.

“We want to ensure our passengers are allowing themselves enough time to safely arrive at the airport, have enough time to get through the check-in and security checkpoint process and ultimately board their flights. What is normally a 90 minute process, can take twice as long depending on road conditions and where passengers come from. Please allow plenty of time to travel to the airport, and as always, drive safely,” said Christina Callahan, Airport Director.