Parking Deck Rehabilitation Project FAQs

  • What is the purpose of the project?
    • The purpose of this project is to remediate the northernmost portion of the parking deck at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR), extending the useful life of the deck. This routine maintenance is phase one of a multi-year, multi-section approach to remediating the parking deck.
  • When is this project taking place?
    • Phase one of the project wrapped up on Thursday, November 18th, 2021 ahead of anticipated peak Thanksgiving travel.
  • What impacts to airport parking will occur as a result of this project?
    • As of Thursday, November 18th, 2021, approximately 350 parking spaces on the 2nd level of the northernmost section of the parking deck remain closed. This will remain the case through the winter.
  • Why is this project so important?
    • SYR has an exceptionally large “catchment area” – or geographic area that our passengers come from. As a result, our airport requires significantly more parking spaces than similarly sized “origin and destination” airports. This routine maintenance will extend the useful life of the current parking deck, allowing for a full landside planning study to be conducted. This study will take approximately 12 months to complete and focus on parking capacity and expansion options, as well as traffic flows for the terminal area. The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority intends to replace the parking deck and this study will help determine the best location and size to support future growth at SYR.