Who Does What At The Airport?

Have a question? Problem?
Use the chart below to help you determine who you should contact for assistance.

Service IssueEntity In Charge
Airport Responsibility
When Baggage is Lost or DelayedAIRLINE
Airlines are responsible for the entire baggage process, including finding and returning lost baggage to passengers.
Airports help passengers locate the right airline contact to resolve problems.
When Baggage Takes a Long Time to Arrive at Baggage ClaimAIRLINE
Airlines are responsible for either moving the baggage themselves, or hiring the ground handling company of their choice to move the baggage. Many times those who are responsible for this job are also in charge of parking the plane among other responsibilities, delaying baggage delivery time.
If you are unsure who to contact about a complaint regarding the delay of your baggage the airport can direct you to the proper airline contact.
When Wait Times Are Long at SecurityTSA
The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for providing the equipment and personnel to screen passengers and baggage at every airport, and responding to increases in passenger load. Visit their website here: https://www.tsa.gov/travel
Airports work with local TSA officials to improve security checkpoints.
When Flights are Cancelled, DelayedAIRLINE
Airlines are responsible for schedule changes in such conditions as: responding to FAA air traffic issues; severe weather; mechanical-related issues, and pilot and flight attendant duty time requirements
When bad weather strikes, local airports call in extra staff to provide assistance; bring in cots and blankets for stranded passengers; arrange for food vendors to remain open after-hours; maintain well-stocked vending machines with passenger necessities.
When Planes are Stacked Up to Land, or Stuck on the Tarmac for Long Periods of TimeAIRLINE
Airlines work with airline dispatchers and the FAA Air Traffic Control for flights to arrive and depart on time.
Airports are vigilant about on-the-ground status across the airfield; once an airline makes the request, airports arrange for safe transfers from the aircraft to terminal.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to make any necessary prior arrangements. When you purchase your ticket you should be able to contact your airline and let them know any accommodations you may need on your trip. For accommodations during the screen process, you should visit tsa.gov for information.
If you’re not sure who to contact to make the plans you need, your airport can help point you in the right direction.
Picking up Air CargoAIRLINE
Each airline has their own Air Cargo process. Check with your Airline to find out where and how you should pick up your items.
The airport will assist you with where the airline is located when picking up your air cargo.
The parking garage is run by a company the airport hires to manage it. That company is responsible for snow removal, some basic maintenance, and managing the payment machines inside the airport and toll booths.
The Airport works with the Parking Garage Management company to ensure they are meeting the requirements of their contract. If you have a question or complaint regarding your parking experience, the Airport can put you in contact with the Parking Garage manager.
I can’t find where to go for my job interviewWHOEVER YOU ARE INTERVIEWING WITH
Please contact the entity you are interviewing with.
Unless your interview is with the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority, the airport is not responsible for helping you find your interview.
I need to use a telephone – do you have one?AIRPORT
The airport has white courtesy phones located throughout the terminal which allow you to call information or 911.
The airport has white courtesy phones located throughout the terminal which allow you to call information or 911.
I’m a delivery driver – where do I drop off this package?RECEIVING ENTITY
Please coordinate delivery with the entity receiving the delivery.
The airport has provided a list of locations for delivery drivers to deliver packages for different businesses operating at the airport. This reference sheet is hanging on the glass door of the security office, center terminal, first level of the airport.