Runway 10-28 Rehabilitation Project FAQs

  • What was the purpose of this project?
    • The purpose of this project was to remediate and reconstruct the primary runway at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR). New lighting and signage was also installed along the main runway.
  • When did this project taking place?
    • Construction is begin in April 2021 and ended in September 2021.
  • What impacts to airport operations occurred as a result of this project?
    • During most of the construction, SYR’s east-west runway (10-28) was closed. SYR’s southeast-northwest runway (15-33) acted as the primary runway for most of the construction project. There was no impact to flight capacity at SYR.
  • What impacts can residential areas near the airport expect during the project?
    • As a result of our secondary runway (15-33, southeast-northwest) temporarily becoming the primary runway, residents near the airport may have noticed a change in aircraft flight patterns, including low-flying aircraft. Some residential areas may have noticed an increase in overhead flights while others may have noticed a decrease in overhead flights.
  • Why is this project so important?
    • Ensuring a safe and reliable airport for Central New York travelers is a core mission of the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority – the entity that operates SYR. Largescale projects such as this are critical to maintaining the airfield in a safe and operable condition.
  • What are the details of this project?
    • The asphalt on our main runway (10-28) was remediated and reconstructed. This enhanced the safety and reliability of the asphalt, thus improving the life of the existing runway. Additionally, new lighting and signage were installed to further enhance safety upgrades to the runway.